About me

I am Sixolisiwe (Six) Magula,a full time teacher, plant based foodie and health enthusiast from South Africa.

Like many of you, I spent years trying to figure out how I can be the healthiest version of myself. In January 2019 my sister and I set out to try a plant based diet for 3 months and I've never looked back since (well, for the most part ;) ).

My love for cooking and trying new recipes led to the  creation of Grains to Gains; a platform I use to share ideas, promote a healthier lifestyle and encourage each other to become healthier versions of ourselves through plant based eating.


My aim is to use ingredients that are readily accessible to South Africans to make easy, affordable and nutritious meals. On this site you will have access to a variety delicious and healthy recipes; from breakfast to your favorite dessert, that will help you become the best version of yourself. 

Welcome to the beginning of a healthier you :)